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A way of working with the body removing the obstacles to good health using minimal interference. Combination of several treatments including  osteopathic routines, diet, supplementation, herbal medicine  may be used in the correct order utilising the miraculous healing ability of the human body. Education to the client is a key part of naturopathy empowering you with the tools and knowledge to a healthy, happy life




Founded by medical practitioners in the 19th centrury and used in many countries around the world by GP's including Germany. A full reading takes 1 hour with a photo of the eyes placed on a PC enlarged and explained in detail then treatment plans for any presenting conditions can be more accurately tailored.



Herbal Medicines.


Drawn upon hundreds of years of use and modern scientific research, herbal tinctures can treat a wide range of conditions. Utilising the power of nature to treat root causes as well as symptoms. Herbs tend to not have the side effects of drugs and also support a persons individual constitution.



Aromatherapy. - See our sister website for quality Doterra Aromatherapy products here


Massage using essential oils from plants which have many wonderful properties. These are blended with a carrier oil which will be mixed according to your skin type. The essential oils will be chosen individually for you. 



Therapeutic massage of the feet, very relaxing and dextoxifying. There are thousands of reflex points in the feet which produce a healing effect in the body and this treatment can pick up congested areas of the body so being educational. All feet catered for ! no worries about odours, hard skin etc these actually give us signs as to what is going on in the body. Reflexology can help people to relax and thereby aid sleep, improve mood, relieve tension and fatigue and give an improved sense of wellbeing.


Thermal Auricular Therapy


Otherwise known as ear candling, special hollow candles are placed into the outer ear and burned. Herbs and honey create a special aroma while the flame creates a vacuum effect.




Japanese healing art. Hands on treatment where laying of the hands is carried out in a specific sequence to create a deeply relaxing and uplifting treatment. Very good for emotional support and spiritual development. 


Indian Head Massage.

Upper body massage concentrating on the face, neck, scalp, shoulders. Several techniques used including acupressure and  oils for different hair types.


Craniosacral Therapy.

A gentle hands on treatment were tensions in the body tissues are sensed and released through rhythmical movements of the hands. This is good for babies ,young children and adults. 


Lymphatic drainage.


Special massage movements and gentle traction draw lymph through the lymphatic system.


Buteyko Breathing.


Used on the health service in Russia for Asthmabefore medications ! Retraining the breath through simple exercises to improve abdominal and nose breathing. Correct breathing is essential to good health and bad habits develop through stress, illness, medications.


Constitutional Hydrotherapy.

Application of hot and cold compresses. A deeply detoxifying and relaxing treatment which moves blood around the body something like doing an oil change to a car. Main organs worked on are the liver and kidneys thus boosting elimination of toxins.


Energy Alignment.

A combination of cupping and  reflexology which utilises acupuncture points and reflexes clearing blockages in the meridians or energy channels therefore restoring good health.


Emotional Freedom Technique(EFT)

Use of the acupuncture points combined with affirmations  to release fears, phobias, habits, trauma. Sometimes referred to as psychological acupuncture.


 Colonic Therapy.


Non-invasive treatment of cupping, massage, essential oils, acupressure, contrast bathing to help cleanse the bowel of impurities. Herbs are taken also to give a gentle cleanse of the digestive system.



Nutritional Therapy and Supplementation.


Science based working with food as your medicine tailoring a plan for your individual metabolism, body type, blood type and state of health. Education is the key to understand not only about calories but digestion and energy from food.


Flower Remedies.

Essences of flowers are prepared in a tincture which have a very supporting effect on the emotions. Bach rescue remedy is well known, you would have a consultation and an individual essence mixed for your goal, aims, situation. 




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